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Attorney Glenn Hagen, with offices in Peoria, Arizona, and near Lone Tree, Colorado  listens to his clients; responds with appropriate legal analysis; and drafts and prepares (or modifies) contracts and needed documentation in a variety of areas.  Mr. Hagen serves as legal counsel to individuals and businessmen (Management) in those states where he maintains an active license, Arizona and Colorado, or where the laws (documents) tend to be universally accepted and recognized under the Common Law and the laws of most of the states. Generally documentation is required for development of a new business entity or entry into a new business realtionship, internally for Management or externally with other business entities. 

Mr Hagen offers you a common sense understanding of the applicable laws and legal theories which are at the core of contract disputes, such as a "breach"; discovery of another document; or the unreasonable enforcement of an existing contract,  An attorney uses communication skills, persuasion, and mediation to acquire information which could be critical to negotiating a new contract, revising a contract, avoiding a dispute; reaching a compomise or settlement, or performing a cost-benefit examination to determine options or direction for the client to make a reasoned decision for the business. Experience, legal training, and years of working with individuals and business executives often results in cost savings for you and your business. This process of analysis  applies to estate planning documents as well, such as Wills and Trusts, minimizing probate concerns.

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We encourage you to retain our services as you begin your project as a means of managing risk.  This would be true for buying or selling a business; entering into a franchise agreement; negotiating a commercial lease; hiring or firing staff (employment contracts); or entering into a relationship with vendors (non-disclosure, favorable payment terms). Buying, selling or expanding your home involves construction contracts, regulatory issues, and seeking to avoid adverse consequences with your bank, be it the loan or possible liens. The same can be said for drafting a Will for yourself and your spouse, generating a Revocable Living Trust for management or preservation of assets, and the ultimate distribution of the net assets of the estate.  Attorney Hagen promotes the use of Powers of Attorney, both medical and business (financial), as well as Living Wills for medical directives.

Retaining legal counsel to engage in contract interpretation or drafting,provides "value added"  for business matters and in the estate planning process. In simple terms, a contract is a written document constituting an agreement between two or more parties, engaging in a new obligation (or modifying existing ones) which are enforceable or otherwise recognizable at law for which "consideration" is tendered or bargained for in "good faith".    

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Contact the Law Office of Glenn W. Hagen, P.C. in Peoria, Arizona and  Lone Tree, Colorado for expertise in a broad range of Contracts, Business Law, Estate Planning and Probate Administration.

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