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Attorney Glenn Hagen enjoys working with his clients as they plan and implement their business entity through preparation of documents for a sound foundation for growth, while minimizing risk to the owner. As the business matures, new opportunities and challenges arise which should be addressed with officers, directors, shareholders of the Corporation or the Members and Manager of a LLC.  Decisions involving employment matters (generally management); addition of a shareholder; severance of relationships; and the possibility of merger or sale of the business (choosing between a stock sale or asset sale, cash or financed with collateral) should include input from a trained, experienced legal counselor. Mr. Hagen will serve as your legal advisor as you encounter regulatory concerns, negotiating a commercial lease,and  reviewing or drafting contracts and "deals". Make sure that the current agreements you have are in your best interest, or at least recognize the exposure you and/or your company might have as a result of transactions.

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Sample of Documents for consideration: 

Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws for Corporation       
Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement for Limited Liability Company
Promissory Note for Business Entity With Personal Guaranty

Security Agreement with Collateral
Equity Crowdfunding Documents
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Non-Compete Agreement
Management Contract
Acquisition of Real Estate
Mechanics Liens & Waivers
Sale of Goods and Warranty Issues
Promissory Note with Conversion to Stock
Confidentiality Agreement
Non-Solicitation Agreement
Shareholder Agreement (Stock Repurchase)
Construction Contracts
Commercial Lease & Subleasing
Mr. Hagen's 30 years of complex litigation is valuable as an advisor to your business. If an internal conflict arises within the business, involves another entity, or affects the end user of your goods or services, Mr. Hagen's experience is a plus for achieving settlement.  He has many years of experience in government, corporate and private practice in drafting an Agreement to address each of the matters in dispute, specifying the terms and conditions with clarity.
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