Wills, Trusts and Probate

Each family, and individual within the family, is unique in their desire for preservation/growth of their current assets and future needs, for themselves and for others, including possible charitable organizations.  The documentation drafted to address your needs allows significant control of your assets and the designation of your beneficiaries.  Wills only become effective upon death; Trusts can be effective immediately, and continue through death for the surviving beneficiaries.  The Powers of Attorney assist you with financial decisions while alive or disabled, and they can empower and provide direction to your caregiver through medical directives.  As such, key documents need to be drafted with care by a licensed legal professional.

Documents for Legal Contracts

Those documents include:

Powers of Attorney (financial & medical)
Living Wills/Medical Directive  
Testamentary/Residuary Trust
Certification & Funding for Trusts
Spendthrift provisions  

Customized Wills 
Revocable Living Trust
Special Needs Trust   
Deed with Life Estate
Timed distributions  
Pour-over Wills
Irrevocable Living Trust
Trust for Pets
Beneficiary Deed
Fiduciary guidlines

Under the current laws of Arizona and Colorado, Probate has been simplified with resulting cost reduction.  If property can be identified as outside of an estate, by contract or statutory provisions, no probate may be necessary. Some estates can be processed by affidavits. Discuss your goals for present needs, future goals, and any asset or estate concerns ahead of time with Attorney Hagen, taking a proactive approach to your legacy.  

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